Enter The New Year With A New Garden Design

27 Nov 2020

This year it’s not all about the new year, new me. How about the new year, new garden? Head into 2021 with a new found love for your garden. From removing old shrubs, broken patios and borders full of weeds, to creating a beautiful space where you can enjoy your garden and entertain your guests.

Starting your year right

While it may still be a little chilly, and the plants outside are looking a touch bare, we can start to create the perfect garden for you.
We might not be able to fill your garden with bright and colourful flowers just yet. But we can get to work on designing the perfect space for you and your family (that includes the four legged family). Whether you have a design ready to go, or you want us to start from scratch, the winter is the perfect time to look at your blank canvas.

Why remodel in winter

During the winter months your garden will appear the emptiest it has been all year, allowing us to get a good feel for the space that we have available to work with. If you are looking for a complete overhaul, this is the perfect time to strip everything back before things start to root in again in the spring. Throughout this period we can get in all of the new features in your garden, from new fencing, to patios and raised flowerbeds. With all the essentials in place, you’ll be able to enjoy planting all your spring flowers just in time to enjoy your garden.

Not sure what you’re looking for

Knowing that your garden isn’t quite how you’d like it to be is the first step to knowing the direction that you want it to go in. Take ideas from your old garden, keep all the aspects that you did like and we’ll remove those that you didn’t. From here we can introduce complimenting aspects that you will love. We can also go through what works best for your space depending on your needs and how much upkeep you are looking for.
As we start to introduce new things to your garden you might get a feeling for other things you would like to add, from different plants to different features. The beauty of a complete redesign is we can add these as we go with minimal disruption.

Here at Abingdons Complete Garden Services we offer a complete landscape design service. So no matter how much control you want, or don’t want, over the whole project. Our maintenance services also mean that we can help you keep on top of it in the time to come. For more information or to discuss your needs please get in touch with us today.

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