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10 Feb 2020

Gardens are fantastic spaces for relaxation, helping to improve your well-being and happiness. Whether you’re tending to a vegetable patch, watering your beloved flowers or you’re simply admiring the view, spending time outdoors boasts a huge range of benefits. From alleviating stress, to bringing with it a sense of calm and fulfilment, spending time outdoors is fantastic for the mind, heart and soul.
As we get older however, strolling around open spaces can become difficult. When mobility does become a challenge however, this doesn’t mean that you have to stop spending time in your garden. At Abingdon’s we can create you a space that is easy to navigate and beautiful all year round. So, this year, make the most of your garden by turning it into an accessible space.

Smooth pathways

Here at Abingdon’s we know your first choice may be cobbled pathways, or gravel areas, but when mobility starts to become an issue, we can help to create that smooth pathway through the garden.
Whether it needs to be wheelchair friendly, or just to reduce trip hazards, it is still possible to have a great looking garden. Our pathways are a great looking solution, and our experts work hard to create a smooth surface in a design you can enjoy.

Raised borders – Independent planting

Not all of us can get down to ground level to do our planting and weeding. While we are here for you to complete garden maintenance, we know that your independence is also something you want to keep. With this in mind, we can create raised borders, with your choice of walled sides or reclaimed timber, reducing the need for getting quite so low.
Just like ground level borders, these can be filled with your choice of flowers and plants, allowing your personal style to shine through. For an extra dose of colour, the sides can be painted, making them a true feature in any garden.

Patio focus

A simple garden feature for easy access gardens, is a nice, attractive patio. Patios are low maintenance, attractive features that can be appreciated by all. There are now a wide range of patterns available, allowing you to pick the design and make it individual to your garden.
Adding some garden furniture, or a couple of planters gives the space a more individual feel, whilst still having great access.

We can help you

Abingdon’s can help you get the garden you love, whilst ensuring that the practical side still suits all of your individual needs. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you.

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