Decking For The New Year

08 Jan 2021

While the last year has seen us all making a number of changes both inside and outside of our homes, how does your current patio or decking live up to the rest of your space? It is time for an overhaul?

In the year to come

We are all hoping that in the summer ahead we will be able to welcome our friends and family back into our gardens for parties and BBQs. So why not think about preparing your garden nice and early?
With many of us looking ahead, we are looking at creating a space to add a garden furniture set (or even updating our old space). Here at Abingdons we love fixing up your new decking and seeing how it can transform your garden. One great benefit of getting your decking in early is that you can build up the rest of your garden design around it as we come into the spring. Adding your spring and summer flowers around your decking can complete the look just in time to invite your guests.

Decking for your space

Not everyone looks for the simple square section of ground level decking. Whether you are looking for a section of raised decking, or for your decking to be shaped around existing garden features, we can help you to make that happen. Our team of experts have experience in a range of different styles and types of decking, so whichever takes your fancy, we’ll be on hand to give you your dream space. Making a feature out of a tree that’s right where you want your decking is made easy, we can create a hole in the decking, allowing your tree to look like it’s growing through your deck.
We know that not all of our customers have an abundance of space, so no matter how small your space, we can discuss the right decking options for you to make the most of your garden.

Decking or Patio?

One of the biggest questions for many years in our gardens has been decking or patio? While there are many positives (and a few negatives) to each, the best way to answer this is to discuss what you want from the appearance of your garden.
For those looking for a modern or decorative garden, a patio is usually the way to go, with the assortment of designs and stand out appearances. However, for those looking for a space that can blend into its garden surroundings, decking could be the way forward. Its ability to be painted in a range of colours to suit the backdrop makes it versatile to any surroundings.
Both can form a good solid base to create a seating area where you can entertain your guests, or even just sit back and enjoy your garden (or the little bit of sun we have here!).
With decking, you will need to ensure that you are keeping up with regular maintenance, including regular weather treatments and cleaning after periods of bad weather. Alongside this, we recommend jet washing both decking and patios to ensure that they do not become slippery over time.

Patio for you

If you have decided that a patio is the right choice for your garden, we’ve also got you covered. From a standard patio, to patterned patios our team will be happy to discuss your needs and help to advise you on the best patio for your space. You can check out our patios for more information.

Here at Abingdon’s Complete Garden Services we offer a range of other gardening services, including regular maintenance, fencing and complete landscaping of your garden. For more information on our services, or to discuss your individual needs, please contact us today. We know that you might require more assistance in the colder months, please get in touch to see how we can help you during this time.

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