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December Garden Maintenance Jobs

05 Dec 2019

December is a month of festivity with the Christmas and New Year holidays, and the amount of available light reducing the time you can spend in the garden. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty to keep you occupied, though.

Tasks for the Garden in December

Jobs in December are really all about keeping plants and infrastructure protected from the winter elements.

Check any of the protective measures you installed last month and in October to ensure everything is still in its place. Look over your fences and boundaries.

Check that your greenhouse heaters are working to retain a constant temperature for those sheltering plants which can’t cope with the extreme cold.

Look over the contents of your shed and garage and if you need any new tools, add them to your Christmas wish list!

Are all your tools clean and oiled? Now is a good time to clean, oil and sharpen them and get everything ordered for the new year.

To avoid costly repairs, insulate any outdoor taps to prevent freezing and burst pipework. Bring all watering equipment indoors, including hoses and sprinklers to avoid the same happening to them.

There are still opportunities to get ahead for the new growing and flowering season in 2020:

Pruning dormant fruit trees will help them to retain a good shape and improve productivity.

Sowing Snap Dragons, Laurentia, Begonia, Geranium, and Cyclamen indoors or in your greenhouse will give them a head start for next spring and early summer.

Landscape Gardening and Maintenance from Abingdon’s

Now that the current year is coming to an end, and the limited daylight hours reduce your time to be in the garden. This is the perfect opportunity to take stock and plan ahead for next year. Are there any big changes you need to make to your garden? Which planting schemes would you like to introduce? These are all the questions you can answer from the warmth and comfort of your living room or kitchen table.

If you have plans for any garden landscaping in Abingdon you can draw inspiration from our case studies. From pathways, to patios, raised borders and other structural features we can provide you with advice and a quote for your new project in 2020. Please contact us to discuss your ideas further.

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