Christmas Garden Preparation

15 Nov 2021

With the holiday season upon us, what better time than to start looking at the changes you can make in your garden to get it feeling more festive!

White Christmas

Here in the UK, we can never guarantee that we will be having a white Christmas. Sometimes we have a wet Christmas, other years, it’s just a touch frosty. So how can you ensure that your garden has a white Christmas?
There are a great number of winter flowering plants that you can use to give the appearance of snow in the garden (without it being so wet and cold!). So why not consider planting a few in borders and pots?
Winter heathers are a great place to start. Planting a collection of these in your borders allows them to appear as a white carpet. Make sure you get the right colour though, otherwise you could get pink and purple snow! Which we’re sure the kids would love!
Hellebores are a wonderful flower, with varieties that bloom all year round. But if you are looking for a burst of white that is sure to be in bloom for Christmas, take a look at the Helleborus Shooting Star. Their star-shaped flower offers the perfect Christmas garden treat.

Bold And Red

Christmas isn’t all about the white winter flowers. You also want to add a spot of red to your garden. Not just the berries on the holly bush either! So which red flowers look great for Christmas?
Indoors we know that the most popular red Christmas flower is the Poinsettia. But take that outside in this weather and you will be sure to find it shrivelled just hours later. So think hardy!
Camellia are great balls of vibrant red against an evergreen background, even in the dead of winter. Just make sure you purchase the right genus, otherwise, you’ll find yourself with some nice pink flowers in the spring instead! Speak to your local garden centre for the right selection.

Bright And Shiney

Christmas lights for the outdoors have been around for many, many years. But in 2021, they are available in so many different configurations than just a string of lights. You can now get light-up Santa, reindeer and snowmen. Meaning that even in the dark evenings, you can light up your garden, ready for the kids (or yourselves to enjoy).
Make the most of your empty borders by filling them with twinkling lights!

Outdoor Christmas Tree

While not all decorations are suitable for the freezing temperatures of the great outdoors. You can get a collection of decorations that will look great on your outdoor tree.
Don’t think that you are limited to just decorating evergreen trees! Trees that have shed all their leaves look great when they are sporting a set of lights and baubles throughout the winter! Adds some colour while making use of the features that you already have in your garden!

Ready For Reindeer

Are you feeling a little inventive? Oh good, that’s what we like to hear. So why not make yourself a reindeer paddock?
Grab yourself some timber slats and create yourself a reindeer paddock. Pop in either some wicker reindeer (these are readily available in many places) or get yourself some light-up ones so you can see them no matter how dark it is outside!
It’s as easy as a few corner posts, some horizontal posts connecting them, and some reindeer in the centre. The perfect child-friendly feature!
Just remember to release your reindeer on Christmas eve! They have to pick Santa up in time t deliver the presents! (Break one of your slats in half for a realistic escape route!).

Preparing your home for Christmas is something the team at Abingdon’s cant help you with. But the garden? You bet we can. Whatever your gardening needs are, get in touch today and we will be happy to discuss this with you.
Want to include this in your regular garden maintenance? Absolutely! Get in touch to book in today, before our availability gets filled up!

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