winter pruning

December Garden Maintenance Jobs

December is a month of festivity with the Christmas and New Year holidays, and the amount of available light reducing…

05 Dec 2019
property maintenance in Abingdon - plumbing

Autumn Property Maintenance

Autumn property maintenance is an essential part of preparing your home for the coldest and darkest time of the year.…

25 Nov 2019
Property maintenance in Radley

Property Maintenance for Indoors and Outdoors

Today’s lifestyles are increasingly busy with work demands and family commitments taking up plenty of our time. Perhaps DIY is…

20 Nov 2019
Autumn Garden Maintenance

November Jobs for your Garden

November is a month where the changing of the seasons is more accentuated. Putting some time into your garden in…

14 Nov 2019
Garden Patio and Oak Sleeper Feature

Making an Accessible Garden

As we approach the end of the year our attention turns to plans for next year’s growing season. Everyone can…

30 Oct 2019

How to Make Compost

Compost is a vital part of maintaining a garden and keeping your plants healthy. Making it is a straight forward…

23 Oct 2019
Autumn Garden

October Jobs for Your Garden

The nights are clearly drawing in and we are well into the Autumn season. Temperatures are dropping and the leaves…

07 Oct 2019
Garden Design to Encourage Wildlife

Garden Design to Attract Wildlife into Your Garden

Garden design with an environmentally conscious approach can turn our outdoor spaces into a haven for wildlife. Where habitats in…

09 Aug 2019
Re-turfing Abingdon

When is the Best Time for Re-Turfing Lawns?

We’ve had some very big contrasts in the weather this summer. Has the heatwave scorched your lawn? Did the storms…

02 Aug 2019
Garden Fencing in Radley

Garden Fencing Options for Outdoor Spaces

Garden fencing is a crucial factor of garden design and landscaping. Fences serve many purposes within our outdoor spaces. They…

19 Jun 2019