Getting Involved with the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2021

22 Jan 2021

Throughout winter we have been reminding our customers, both old and new, to feed the birds throughout this difficult season. With natural foods limited, the ground often frozen, our feathered friends can often struggle to find food to keep them going. Popping food out in your garden means you will be inviting an assortment of guests, and RSPB might just be interested to hear who youve had to visit.

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

Annually RSPB hosts their Big Garden Birdwatch. You don’t need to be an avid birdwatcher to join in, nor do you need specialist binoculars to take part. The event is between the 29th to 31st January 2021.

The aim of the event is to help the RSPB carry out a national survey on the number of birds found in each area across the UK. Surveys like this help to identify any decline in native species, of the increase of birds from further afar. Having held similar surveys for the last 40 years they are able to compare the data to show the increase and decline in our gardens, such as the 76% from in 40 years of the song thrush.

How does it work

Head over to the RSPB website to register your information (primarily this is to gather your location so that they can pinpoint where birds are seen). Here you can also download/print yourself a bird ID sheet to help you identify the birds you find.

You can then spend an hour either out in your garden, looking out of your window or even out in your local park, noting down the birds that you see and the numbers of the groups you see. They are interested in the highest number of birds in each species you see at any one time rather than how many you see in total.
Remember, if you are travelling away from your home to take care and social distance where possible.

Helping You To Create a Nature Friendly Garden

If you are interested in making your garden a little more bird-friendly (or even just wildlife-friendly) our friendly and professional team can help. From a complete overhaul, even if you are looking to remove old unfriendly areas, to adding a few extra wildlife-friendly plants and trees, we can help you to create a beautiful nature friendly garden. For more information, please contact a member of the team today who will be happy to discuss the needs for your garden. Please remember that during this difficult time, we are still on hand to take care of your regular garden maintenance, so if you have a loved one who needs some assistance in the garden, please get in touch to book in some time in your garden.

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