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Autumn Property Maintenance

25 Nov 2019

Autumn property maintenance is an essential part of preparing your home for the coldest and darkest time of the year. Now is one of the busiest times of year for those who carry out repairs to properties. Round about the time that the clocks go back, the heating is switched on, and the colder wetter weather can highlight issues which need attention before they become much bigger problems. We generally spend more time indoors, so now is time to get that maintenance check list looked at before the festive holidays begin.

Autumn Property Maintenance Checklist

Make sure that your heating is working and safe by getting a qualified and approved professional to check it over. To compliment this you can also:

Make sure you have good insulation installed in your loft, and any internal pipes have cladding to prevent freezing.

Check for draughts around doors and windows. Get seals and draught excluder fitted to prevent cold air entering from outside.

Have guttering and fascias cleaned and any build up of leaves and moss removed to prevent blockages and overflowing.

Are external pipes secure? Now is the time to have them fixed and secured before stronger winds, rain and snow.

Check the roof for any defects and loose tiles. These will need repairing to avoid falling slates and any weather damage and leaks into your loft and upstairs area.

If there’s a good dry day, we can clear and jet wash any paths and driveways.

Fences and sheds need to be fixed, treated, and preserved as a precaution against winter conditions.

Call us for Autumn Property Maintenance

Abingdon’s Complete Garden Services can also carry out a wide range of property maintenance jobs too. So if you would like an end of year assessment and a quote for any Autumn property maintenance tasks, please contact us today!

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