April Garden Tasks

29 Mar 2021

Do April showers have you feeling like staying indoors where it’s nice and dry? Us too. But at least the weather is now starting to get warmer, the sun shines through the clouds, and we do have some dry days amongst the rain. So why not get out into the garden when you can, and fix up for spring! Show your garden some love.

Tidy Up Loose Ends

There are a number of small jobs that need to be done in April, or at least ideally before the summer sun hits. While many of these tasks are small, they can take up a fair amount of time when they are all combined together. So why not spread them out over the month, or dedicate yourself a day or two when the weather is dry to get things done.
What small jobs can you do:

  • Lay fresh turf, or sow your grass seed to help repair damaged patches in the lawn, or to give yourself a whole new grassy space.
  • Cut back ferns and shrubs to tidy them up and allow for new growth.
  • Clear out the guttering on your greenhouse and shed, you can use the downpipe to collect your water for those dry days.
  • Remove moss from on and around your greenhouse and shed, you can collect this together and make it available for your nesting birds to take away.

Remove The Weeds

With the changes in the weather, you might notice that your weeds have started to double in size and amount. Getting these under control before the summer hits can help you to keep the overall numbers down and ensure that they have less of an impact on your borders and pots. If you are planning to use chemicals on your weeds, ensure that you speak to either the Abingdons team or an expert at your local garden centre to ensure that you are using the appropriate one for your garden and the weeds.

Bug Control

Our gardens are our pride and joy, whether they are full of lavish flowers, tasty veg, or kept nice and simple. It can all be destroyed with the invasion of pests. From giant slugs and snails swarming across your vegetable patch, to tiny little aphids taking over wherever they can. The warm spring air can bring all the unwanted pests out to play and enjoy all of what your garden has to offer. So when tackling bugs, ensure that you are using flower and vegetable safe solutions, such as copper ties, to reduce the risk to your garden. As with the weeds, seek help from professionals when needed to ensure a healthy garden.

Feeding Time

While the rain can help to bring nutrients to your plants, the winter frosts will have destroyed more than will have been replaced. To ensure that your garden is thriving nicely, you can help to give your plants a boost by treating them with some food. Remember that different plants will have different needs, so ensure that you get the right foods across your garden.

If you require any garden maintenance throughout April or into the rest of the year, please get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to discuss this with you. Head over to our blogs for other ideas on how we can help you to change up your garden this spring.

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