Almighty August Jobs

01 Aug 2022

With July giving us a real mixture when it came to weather, with highs hitting nearly 40 degrees, followed by torrential downpours chaotic winds and localised flooding, let’s hope that August sees us having better weather. At least for our gardens if nothing else.
This month, you might find yourself playing catch up after the July we had. Or you might find that your garden isn’t where it normally is at this time of year. The best we can say right now is to do what you can! Here are a few ideas and tips that we should be expecting.

Watering All-Around

So we haven’t come into the month particularly dry, in fact, the last few days of July were pretty wet. However, with more unpredictable weather on its way, we want to emphasise the importance of watering your garden.
With local areas having a potential hosepipe ban, we urge you to get a water butt in your garden ready while we are still having rain, and then start using that as and when you need to. This includes the lawns, the plants and the hanging baskets.
Of course, it’s not just the greenery that needs extra water this time of year, it’s the wildlife too. Remember to keep your bird baths topped up. If you have a sheltered bird feeder, try to pop a little supply of water on there too.
Wildlife doesn’t all have wings! Remember there are a number of ground-dwelling creatures that would appreciate a source of water close to the ground. From little hedgehogs, larger badgers and even foxes! So popping a bowl of water on the ground is also helpful.
If you have a pond, remember to keep this topped up too as the sun can lower the water level. We also recommend covering it from the sun to reduce algae production.


As we enter August some of our plants are coming to the end of their lifespan, while others are reaching their prime. So why not give them all a bit of TLC and get the most out of them?
Start by deadheading any flowers that are spent. This allows for the remaining flowers to get the full food supply.
Collect seeds as they ripen. These includes from plants such as aquilegias, sweet peas and love-in-a-mist. Remember to do this on a dry day.
For those spent hardy annuals, if you don’t want them to self-seed, it’s time to start removing them. And for those that you would like to see next year, now is the time to sow your seeds.
It’s also time to plant autumn bulbs, such as colchicums, sternbergia and nerines, in pots and borders.

Prepare For Harvest

There are already a number of fruit and veg that are starting to look ready to harvest but they might not be as ready as you think. Its worth investing in a gardening calendar. This can be used year on year to help you know when to harvest your garden for the best results. You can also find apps that might help take into consideration the weather.
Ultimately, remember that you know your garden better than anyone, and after a couple of harvests you will begin to see the signs of when your produce is ready and it is time to harvest.

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